Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Models Needed!

Something I have never had on the website is pictures of people wearing my jewellery so at the moment I am looking for a face of D is for Dazie... The first face of D is for Dazie! I have been very excited to announce this and can't wait to see the response.

Firstly I live it Scotland... a very awkward place to hold a photo shoot as I am probably no where near most of you wanting to apply! This is why it's a photo shoot with a bit of a twist!

How it is going to work:
Firstly I would like anyone wishing to apply to send me a range of images of yourself modelling anything. These can be professional or just everyday photographs. At the moment I am looking for one model to be the face of D is for Dazie that I can work closely with. Contact will be kept through email/ text where we can discuss any photo shoot ideas either of us have or send any inspirational material. This would be very much suited for anyone interested in fashion, jewellery, modelling, blogging or photography.

I will send you the pieces jewellery and nail sets, you will do all the styling and makeup yourself and take the pictures... well you wont be taking the pictures but you could rope you friends/ boyfriend or mum in to help! I am not expecting a lot of pictures maybe a couple of really high quality ones so I can pick one for the website. If working together goes well you could be asked to model new products every couple of months.

Benefits of you modelling for D is for Dazie: 
You get to keep any products sent to be modelled. You will also receive regular discounts for the website and possible sample products. You will be referenced in all images when posted on any of my blogs or website. Lastly you will be the face of D is for Dazie... We send products all over the world and we might even use your images on promotional items such as fliers and business cards.

I am excited to hear from you all and wish you the best of luck!

Our email address is:

Please include you name, age and your blog address (if you have one). You should also include at least three images of yourself.

Dominique xx

Closing date: August 13th 2012


  1. Ahh sounds like a really great opportunity :) Don't think I'm model like material though!

    What's Hot?

  2. This sounds amazing, the jewelry on the website is amazing. Wish I had the confidence to apply but whoever you chose I'm sure they will do a great job at modelling your pretty jewels :) xox