Monday, 16 July 2012

Hello to the world of blogging!


So time to start my first ever blog post. I have never had a blog before apart from my Tumblr and I like that because it's all images, there's no need to write anything. I was no good at English class and have terrible spelling and grammar and you will probably notice this very much throughout EVERY single post I write. I have been told by my baby sister that Tumblr is no longer the blog to have and I should get a blogspot.

So why start a blog? I've started my blog as I am a jewellery designer. I own my own online business where I design and make jewellery. I want to use the blog to not only get my name out there but I like to let people get to know me a little better and also show people my inspirations. I feel it makes me and my jewellery more personal... not just a brand. I studied jewellery design at HND level in Glasgow and have worked in a small family owned workshop. I make things ranging from silver (all handmade by myself) to also handcrafting pieces of jewellery. I started the handcrafted range to suit a younger more fashionable market.

Finally I'll introduce myself... My name is Dominique and I am 21 years old and I live in Scotland. Aside of owning D is for Dazie Jewellery I also work in a car garage full time. I don't know how I even have time to have a social life. I have a big family consisting of my mum and dad, my baby sister, Antonia (you may know her as the owner of Delilah Dust, I've taught her all I know about jewellery and she's now got her own website) and I have two baby brothers Cammy and Fin.

One thing you might notice about me is I can definitely babble... a lot! I don't even know if I'm babbling about the right stuff on here.

Anyway I hope you enjoyed my very first blog post. Don't be too hard on me!

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