Thursday, 19 July 2012

Best purchase I have ever made?!

I am a total shopaholic and to pick the best purchase I have ever made is very very hard. Or should I say was very very hard?!

Yesterday at 3pm I ordered what I thought were the most AMAZING shoes evvvver! Today they arrived... My little sister tried them on when I was at work and said I would have to take them back as I would never be able to walk in so I was looking forward to getting home and seeing them and dreading the thought of having to send them back!

So I walk into my bedroom and they are sat on my bed. I try them on and they are the easiest, and I mean easiest heels I have ever bought! They are so comfy. The platform is so big it makes you walk so easily in them. When you see them you may be concerned about your balance... worry no more. God knows how it works but it works.

Looks at these beauty's...

They cost me £19.99 with £4.99 postage! You can't complain! If anyone would like to know the link comment on this post.

Think I am in love!

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  1. i love these shoes, totally worth the price!xx